boat display / multi-function / speed / depth



  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Type:

    multi-function, speed, depth, temperature

  • Technology:



The MaxVu110 multifunction unit is an exciting new concept in instrumentation. The MaxVu110 will simultaneously measure and display five sets of data on three digital displays and two bar graphs. Measure and display data such as RPM, engine temperature, engine oil pressure, fuel and tank levels, battery voltage, etc. You decide what set of five data to view on each �Display Configuration�. As your instrumentation needs change you can quickly select from 16 different display configurations with the push of a button. You can setup some of the Display Configurations for data you need to see while underway and setup other display configurations for use while at anchor or fishing. The idea is that you can easily and quickly configure the MaxVu110 to enable you to see the data you need for each particular situation. Each of the 16 display configurations are highly flexible and any particular set of data can be directed to one of the digital displays and/or one of the two bar graphs.

Unlike some other "dumb" displays, the MaxVu110 does NOT require any external "Black Box", "Brain Box" or "PC" to work. All the electronics to measure and display 34 data sources is contained within the compact MaxVu110. Just connect the sensors and you have a complete set of instrumentation. The multi-core MaxVu110 contains five computers sharing data to provide a fast response to your changing instrumentation needs.