voltage converter / DC / AC / marine

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voltage converter / DC / AC / marine voltage converter / DC / AC / marine


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The aim of the inverters is to convert batteries direct voltage into 230VAC/50Hz
alternating current.
The SOLO digital sinewave has reduced the number of components and increased
the equipment reliability.
The SOLO inverters deliver a sinusoidal wave identical to mains supply.
Their physical characteristics enable a wide scope of applications : marine,
mobile, renewable energy, industry, etc.

• Data processing :
vehicule equipped with computing equipment,
on-board computer, automatic systems, etc.
• Télécommunications :
radio communication relay,
on-board telephony, radio stations and beacons,
radionavigation, etc.
• Lighting :
security lighting, incandescent and fluorescent lighting, etc.
• Domestic and industrial equipment :
domestic appliances, television, portable tools,
refrigerators, micro-waves, etc.

• Significant overload capacity for starting surges.
• High efficiency-Low stand-by consumption.
• High reliability, limited size and weight.
• Fuse integrated protection.
• Battery protection with stop on low voltage.
• Silent and comfort.
Range possibilities
• Incoming power : voltage 12, 24 or 48VDC.
• Output : voltage 230VAC - single phase - 50Hz,
power from 200VA to 3500VA.
On request : 115VAC - 50Hz/60Hz or 230VAC - 60Hz.