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dive buoy / inflatable

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dive buoy / inflatable dive buoy / inflatable - TONDA


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Conceived to serve as a sturdy, highly durable surface marker buoy, also for use when diving
from the shore. Of compact design, this buoy uses two casings: an outer skin, made of abrasion-resistant material, which is bright red for enhanced visibility, ensures excellent protection for the inner inflatable chamber, which is white. A casing for the pole of the highly visible flag pursuant to regulations, is provided in the centre of the float. A black rubber coated mesh covering the bottom of the buoy protects it from abrasions and lets water drain easily so that the buoy retains its light weight at all times. Two pockets closed by velcro straps house two weights that ensure stability even in rough sea conditions, making for excellent visibility as the buoy invariably maintains its position at the top of fully formed waves. Two large-sized rings are provided to hook up the line as well as another accessory. An opening at the top makes it possible to insert the “air chamber”, which is then inflated via an ad hoc pocket. Another casing with velcro closure may be used to store small items and big easy-to-use handles are provided along the sides of the buoy. Also red in colour, the line is about 20m long and is fitted with two plastic snap hooks. This buoy comes with a convenient whistle: an additional safety device that can be used to attract attention in an emergency situation.