multi-person sailing dinghy / regatta / instructional / skiff



  • Crew:


  • Use:

    regatta, instructional

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    asymmetric spinnaker

  • Length:

    5.51 m (18'00")


Technical data:
Length: 5.51m
Width: 2.05 m
Depth: 0.4-1.1 m
Total weight: 530 kg
Wrist weight: 180 kg
Rigidity: 5 persons / 400kg
Mast Length: 7.1m
Magnifying glass: 10.8 m2
Fock: 6.5 m2
Spinnaker 21 m2

Hull structure:
Handmade glass fiber reinforced polyester.
Strong longitudinal keel beam with stringers that go all the way to the habit of attachment.
Sandwich laminate in deck and deck.
2 separate air tanks.
Stacking compartment with tight gaps on each side.
The keel is made of fiberglass reinforced polyester in 2 halves that connect with solid plastic cores. In the bulb of the keel lies a molded lead weight.
The keel is raised and lowered by means of a worm gear connected to the keel with a heavy lifting strap.

Aluminum mast with conad top from Proctor Seldén. Swipe simple spreaders.
Front and top Dyform® 3.5 / 7. Undervail 3/19.

Dacron® magnifying glass 5 slabs of which 3 consistently.
Fock in Dacron®. 1 window. 3 lattices. Gun braces in brass.