sailboat cradle / for power boats / adjustable / with 4 load points
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  • Application domain:

    for sailboats, for power boats

  • Type:

    adjustable, with 4 load points, disassemblable, folding

  • Other characteristics:

    transportable, galvanized steel


Use CRADLE B boat stands.
To immobilize your sail- or motorboat out of the water, you need to foresee a minimum of
space to be able to store your boat in good conditions, either in a dry port, a shipyard or
any port area.
Discover the CRADLE B concept. For a long winter period, a simple repair, a quick maintenance or any other interventions on
your boat, Cradle B has the solution.
Choose for CRADLE B boat stands. G –M –P - X
Our range of products offers 4 different models. Large (G) – Medium (M) – Small (P) – Mini
(X). Determine the best model for your boat by using the reference table on the next page.
Use CRADLE B boat stands. A simple system that allows a fast, practical and secure mean for any intervention on your
boat. To choose Cradle B boat stands is making the right choice on the long term.
Investing in a quality product Cradle B is an economic and sustainable value
CRADLE B helps you with all your questions. In case of specific needs, we will find,
together with you, the right solution.

< powder-coated paint (RAL colours)
< raw steel
< stainless steel
< custom manufacturing
< special finishing
Indicative measures subject to adjustment and availability of stock