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Conolift has developed a highly maneuverable and rugged trailer tug that can convert any yard or highway hydraulic boat trailer into a self-propelled work horse. Its extremely compact design takes up far less space than your regular tow vehicle, enabling you to increase your indoor storage capacity without building new infrastructure. One man operation is easy with radio remote control steering, drive, and hitch functions.

The Haull.e can also be used to move your regular trailers around the yard and can move ball hitch, pintle ring, and fifth wheel trailers. For trailers with air brakes, Haull.e has a built in air compressor to enable releasing the brakes. A 24 HP Honda engine, coupled to independent proportionally controlled hydraulic wheel drives enable the Haull.e to be precisely controlled, even at creep speed, for use in tight quarters.


Towing capacity = 40,000 lbs (18,181 kgs)
Fifth wheel tongue load = 15,000 lbs (6,818 kgs)
Ball/pintle hitch capacity = 8,000 lbs (3,636 kgs)
Manual controls for backup (in event of radio control failure)
Hydraulic locking fifth wheel
Hydraulic lift on fifth wheel and pintle hitch
On board 12V air compressor and air tank
Air brake glad-hand and hose
Hydraulic stabilizer wheels for empty maneuvering
Movement alarm, flashing beacons, and e-stops on each fender