RTM injection machine / for vacuum infusion / shipyard
Ciject 3.0



  • Specifications:

    for RTM, for vacuum infusion

  • Application domain:



The Ciject 3 range is the result of several years of focused development work in advanced composite manufacturing technology.
Working with tier-one aerospace and advanced materials manufacturers in combination with collaborative project work (such as the AMSCI funded Propound project) has enabled us to develop the most advanced equipment currently available.
A combination of advanced control methodology and intelligent process mapping enables a step towards the target of ‘Industry 4.0.
These machines allow different resin systems to be prepared (i.e. heated, mixed, degassed) and then dispensed without the need to clean and re-prime a mechanical pumping system.
Originally developed for R&D and lab-scale processing, the Ciject 3 had now been developed further to suit the specific requirements of the aerospace and other hi-tech composite manufacturing industries.
The accurate output control allows the machine to be used in both RTM and RI processes.
Three versions are available:

• Ciject 3.0 – A basic version of the machine with a relatively simple manual control system, aimed at processing room-temperature curing resin systems or resins that require limited heating.