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boat air conditioner / stand-alone / reversible / monobloc
ColdChilli 650 / 850



  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Type:

    stand-alone, reversible, monobloc


Design Features:

Due to direct DC power supply from the service battery there is no need for power inverter that also uses some of the power from the battery.
Air Conditioning Units were designed with goal to achieve less than 30 Amp combined electric current drain from the battery to ensure longer unit operation.
All-in-one design enables easy installation. The optional fully enclosed INOX housing with noise insulation enables instalation under berth with direct circulation of cabin air trough the AC unit.
Basic thermostatic control unit can be upgraded for a remote unit that enables operator to control unit from a distance via smart phone. The remote control unit can also be used for complete remote boat supervision (battery voltage, bilge pump operation over time, boat position, engine revs, etc..).
We can adapt our design to specific customer needs due to our modular design.