double-handed sailing dinghy / recreational / symmetric spinnaker



  • Crew:


  • Use:


  • Other characteristics:

    symmetric spinnaker

  • Length:

    4.3 m (14'01")


The CL14 was designed to provide safe and comfortable day sailing with up to four persons aboard, and for competitive racing by a crew of two. The CL14 has proven to be an excellent boat for training both youngsters and adults in the art of sailing. The experienced sailor will love to single-hand the CL14 as it is a quick, well behaved, responsive sloop that gracefully jumps onto plane and is known to fly the optional Spinnaker along with Trapeze. Proof of this is found in sailing clubs and schools across North America where the CL14 has been a popular choice amongst institutions, cottagers and weeknight racers.

The handcrafted, hand-laid, Canadian-designed CL14 (introduced in 1973) proves to be a simple, yet effective dinghy design. Easy rigging leads to a fast start, as the main focus should be on sailing. The hull’s double-chine offers a superior balance between stability and speed in light and heavier weather conditions - giving a satisfying experience for all sailors. The large deep open cockpit provides dry, comfortable sailing with easy accessible forward storage. The ‘unsinkable’ hull has all-around sealed foam buoyancy for safety and support in case of capsize. The pivoting centreboard and rudder blade allow sailing in shallow water and prove beneficial when launching or beaching the boat.

The CL14 comes standard with a furling jib. This facilitates spinnaker work, beaching the boat or docking safely.
This rugged boat can be sailed with equal assurance in either open or inland lakes, and it instills confidence in both
beginners and experienced helmsmen and crew.