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SeaSwitch™ 12C



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    for bilge pumps


SeaSwitch™ 12C Internal - Add-on Module

The SeaSwitch™ 12C is an internal add-on module for the SeaGauge™ Sensor Interface Unit. It provides all the functionality of the SeaSwitch Remote PRO, but limits the placement to the same location as the SeaGauge Sensor Interface Unit.

Users who have the onboard power distribution center located away from the engine compartment should consider the SeaSwitch™ Remote PRO rather then this integrated model.

The SeaSwitch 12C is a multi-function digital switch that replaces mechanical switches in marine and other applications. SeaSwitch provides sealed digital control over bilge pumps, GPS, sonar, radios, NAV lights, wipers, blowers, water pumps, and more, all within a compact, water resistant design. The wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi option supports NMEA 0183 formatting. Switch status can be transmitted, controlled and displayed on NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000 devices in multiple locations simultaneously. The network interface options allows all switches to be remotely controlled via SeaGauge color Touch screens, PC based applications, or other devices.

Included with SeaSwitch is the vDash™ Instrumentation design software allowing customized switch labels to be set up on PC/Laptop and downloaded to the unit. Control of all switch states is possible from any PC computer or SeaGauge™ color touch screen. Switch positions are chosen by the user and can be labeled in any language or choose international standard icons from our extensive library.