ship display / multi-function / LCD / touch screen
G24N 8.4"



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Type:


  • Technology:

    LCD, touch screen


G24N 8.4" Color Touch Display

8.4" diagonal SVGA LCD Color Touch screen is available in a weather-resistant aluminum flush mount case or with no bezel for in dash mounting. High brightness (1100 nit) makes this display extremely well suited for outdoor use in marine environment.

SeaGauge™ G24N is an 8.4” sunlight viewable color touch screen display. When combined with the supplied vDash™ software, the system offers a wide selection of user configurable gauges and switches. Incorporating vivid color graphics, the SeaGauge G24N allows users to create 16 critical engine and vessel instrumentation functions including fluid levels, EGT, Boost pressures, oil temperature and pressures, voltages, current, tachometers, and more. All gauge setting can be min/max alarmed with manual override feature to warn of harmful operating conditions before engine damage occurs. When combined with the optional NMEA 2000 interface module, all vessel gauges and switches can be viewed and operated by a single display panel using touch commands. SeaGauge G24N has multiple data ports allowing for switching between dual SeaGauge™ Sensor Interface Unit to further increase instrumentation to over 32 functions on a single display.

SeaGauge 8.4” diagonal SVGA LCD Color Touch screen utilizes a propriety protective lens on top of traditional resistive (pressure) touch surfaces, marine rated performance can be achieved while maintaining the features of pressure sensitive touch screens. The new touch surface make it suitable for outdoor use.