ship crane / boom / pivoting jib

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ship crane / boom / pivoting jib ship crane / boom / pivoting jib


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Type:

    boom, pivoting jib

  • Working load:

    Max.: 2 t (2.2 us ton)

    Min.: 0.5 t (0.6 us ton)


Introduction of Jib Crane

The jib crane is the lifting equipment that used for connecting the hose with the tanker which can meets the hose lifting operation requirements at any height within the range of large tanker full loaded and small tanker unloaded.

The jib crane includes base, rotary column, boom, hook, operating platform and an electro-hydraulic control system etc, The jib crane can achieve the movements of the platform rotation, the hook lifting, and the boom pitching.

Technical Features:

◆ Hydraulic drive for flexible and stable operation, and easy to maintain;

◆ The boom meets the requirements of strength, stiffness and stability when lifting within the characteristic curve of the crane;

◆ Multiple safety devices are installed according to related standards and meet the requirements of the crane safety regulations;

◆ The hydraulic power unit is separated from the main motor which can avoid leakage;

◆ The carne can be operated by manual or wireless remote-control.