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boat watermaker / reverse osmosis / energy recovery / 24V
Ocean Whisper



  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Type:

    reverse osmosis, energy recovery

  • Voltage:

    24V, 12V

  • Other characteristics:



Quiet and ultra-compact, the Ocean Whisper is ideal for smaller pleasure craft where limited space and power requirements are a major consideration.
This revolutionary watermaker runs from battery power and uses the latest energy recovery technology to achieve its performance.

The Ocean Whisper employs the same reverse osmosis principles as systems for much larger yachts. However, the breakthrough is in using a highly efficient energy recovery system which enables osmotic pressure to be reached at the membranes using a fraction of the power demanded by traditional piston pumps.
The feed pump supplies the energy recovery unit with a constant supply of seawater at a relatively low pressure. This is amplified by the unit to above 800 psi when reverse osmosis takes place.

Measures 70 x 35 x 25cm and weighs just 20 kg (30 litre/hr model).
Runs from DC battery power, 12V or 24V.
30 litre/hr unit consumes approximately 13 amps per hour at 12V DC.
Very simple installation and operation.