closed-body turnbuckle / articulated toggle / crimp / for sailboats
01-110X series



  • Type:


  • Deck attachment:

    articulated toggle

  • Wire rope attachment:


  • Applications:

    for sailboats


The 01 Series Handy Lock turnbuckle is one of our oldest products and still stands
the test of time. Neat and compact and positively locked without cotter pins or
check nuts, the Handy Lock has all the features needed for easy adjustment in
a compact package. There are no sharp points to catch lines or tear sails, just flip the lever up to adjust and down to lock. The 01 Handy Lock is available in Jaw & Jaw, Jaw & Swage and Calibrated construction. The calibated version has a knurled knob incorporated into the upper stud end to provide tool free adjustment and a calibrated viewing slot to register your adjustment. Use the Handy Lock anywhere an
easily adjusted turnbuckle is needed.