position and tracking system / for yachts / for boats / for tenders
C-pod Elite



  • Function:

    position and tracking system

  • Application domain:

    for yachts, for boats, for tenders, for sailboats

  • Type:

    for charter boats, towing

  • Network:


  • Other characteristics:



The C-pod ELite is a powerful GPS tracking device. The device is the smallest in our product range making it fit practically anywhere.

It works globally and it is perfect for tracking a fleet of boats, outboard engines, jet skis or any other valuable equipment. It feeds real time data to your smartphone or computer such as positioning alarm, temperature and tracking when on the move.

Easy to get started with QR-code scanning
Always on-line
Wide operating voltage 9V to 32V DC
Alarm and tracking of equipment if moved
Low power consumption
Long standby time with internal battery
Water resistant, IPX6
Managed via smartphone or tablet
Works over GSM globally

* No external sensors or antennas can be connected to the C-pod ELite.