boat automatic mooring system

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boat automatic mooring system boat automatic mooring system


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Also referred to as 'tender poles', the boat boom is a hydraulic boom that extends out of the side of the yacht replacing the more traditional tender whips. When deployed the boat boom is flush with the hull topsides. The tender pole is an efficient and safe way to manage multiple tenders and is essential when dealing with expensive tenders.

C-Quip's tender pole utilises a double acting cylinder with wireless remote for fast deployment. When not in use the boom is self-stowing and takes approximately 60 seconds to retract into the side of the yacht.

C-Quip's tender poles are manufactured in carbon fibre for its strength to weight ratio. When you take into account that the tender can be up to ten tonnes, and the boat boom extended several metres from the side of the yacht the benefits of carbons exceptional strength to weight ratio are obvious.