pilot boat / line-handling boat / inboard



  • Type:

    pilot boat, line-handling boat

  • Motor type:


  • Length:

    7.5 m (24'07")

  • Passenger capacity:

    4 unit


Material : aluminium 5083 H111
Hull length : 7.50m
Width: 3 m
Draught: 1.13m
Motorization : 265 hp

Passengers : 4
Architect : Pierre Delion

This 7.50m pilot boat is motorized with a D7-265 Volvo engine which will make it efficient for all operations.

This pilot boat is equiped with a boat landing launchpad on the front to allow the transport of the staff.

It has also 100 x 100 NIBS fenders. The capacity of the fuel tank is 300 liters.