epoxy resin / laminating
Bodopox 8000

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epoxy resin / laminating epoxy resin / laminating - Bodopox 8000


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Bodopox 8000 is an epoxy resin without solvents. Bodopox 8000 consists of a bisphenol A and bisphenol F.

The resin has a medium viscosity and does not crystallise, when properly stored.

Bodopox 8000 has numerous applications in which the selection of curing agent determines the process as well as the mechanical properties and chemical resistance of the cured product.

The wide assortments of Bodocure curing agents are all suited as curing component for Bodopox 8000.

Bodopox 8000 Potable water system is FDA approved drinking water systems in CIPP when used with Bodocure INF 33 Slow Curing agents

Bodopox 8000 is designed for the composite industry.

This resin is well-suited for filament winding, laminations, and vacuum injection processes.

Viscosity: 6000-8000mPas
Specific gravity: 1.12 – 1.16 kg/l
EEW: 175 – 185 g
Colour: Transparent