all-wheel steering travel lift / remotely controlled / for heavy loads / four-wheel drive



  • Specifications:

    all-wheel steering, remotely controlled, for heavy loads, four-wheel drive

  • Carrying capacity:

    500 t (551.2 us ton)

    Max.: 500 t (551.2 us ton)


BOAT LIFT mobile boat haulers are designed and manufactured to guarantee the utmost safety and reliability relying on the most up-to-date technology.

All our machines feature an electronic steering system for a perfect wheel alignment under any circumstances. Just by pressing a push-button on the touch screen it is possible to pass from one mode to another: four steering wheels - two steering wheels and two skid steering - crab steering.

BOAT LIFT machines are equipped with a weighing system complete with bolted load cells, mounted on blocks; this system has a double function:

- to limit the lifted load beyond the admitted capacity (three attention/ operation thresholds)

- To control craft total, aft and forward weight through on-board display.

BOAT LIFT mobile boat haulers feature as well a device that progressively speeds up or slows down the machine avoiding risky swinging of the craft carried.

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