urban area platform / swim / floating / custom
Swimming Arena



  • Application domain:

    for urban areas

  • Type:

    swim, floating

  • Other characteristics:



Do you wish to expand your current business? Is your area missing safe area for swimming, is the water too dirty to swim in or have you been planning to build an (indoor) swimming pool complex? Floating swimming arena is a great solution to these, and many more needs!

Whether you're lacking the land area, or you're just looking to boost your business and offer something new and exciting for your area, floating swimming pool arenas are great solutions. They offer new experiences for customers, safe environment for families to spend time together, lots of terrace area for sunbathing and playing, and, of course: more than one swimming pool for different kinds of needs.

Add a restaurant or a bar, kids’ playground, sauna, or arrange different kinds of group exercises: every swimming arena can be modified to best suit you and your customer’s needs. They can be made to custom sizes, so we are sure we can make one that is perfect for you!

Interested in starting your own floating spa or activity center? ASK MORE!

Bluet offers expert services for floating construction projects. Floating solutions are always a combination of design work and physical structure. If you’re interested in obtaining a floating structure, we will design one for your needs and water site requirements.

Bluet can take care of one particular phase (for example concept design or feasibility study), work as your partner throughout the project, or deliver the entire structure in cooperation with a local main contractor.

Ask more about our designing and realization services at info@bluet.fi /
+358 30 6363 800 or fill in our contact form at http://en.bluet.fi/contact-us/