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catamaran cabin cruiser / outboard / hard-top / with enclosed cockpit



  • Number of hulls:


  • Motor type:


  • Deck layout:

    hard-top, with enclosed cockpit

  • Intended use:

    sport-fishing, dive

  • Length:

    6.5 m (21'03")


Our 6.5 hull is our biggest yet. It is practicle, highly capable and raises the bar for comfort and performance.

The extra space inside is huge since we puched the width out almost 200mm. The bunks in the front keep your family comfy on day trips, and give you the option of overighting on your favorite fishing spot.SPECIFICATIONS:
6.5 m

Engine Range/ weight
175-225hp - 280 kg

Transom height
25 inch

External beam
2.27 m

Internal beam
1.83 m

Gunnel height
0.75 m

Hull thickness
4 mm

Pontoon thickness
4 mm

Hull weight from (Approx)
1400 kg

Tow weight from (ex. engine)(approx)
1800 kg