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watersports glove / dive / full watersports glove / dive / full - FORWARD WEBBING


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After some feedback from a few of our users we designed a Forward Webbing Glove, If you are a Hardcore Surfer or a Long Distance Swimmer then you will benefit from the longevity of the Forward Webbing.

Pros: The Forward placement helps distribute the extra stress that occurs on the webbing between the pointer finger and the thumb, Avoiding the blowout that occasionally happens to the hardiest of users.

Cons: After much testing we discovered that the Original webbing directs the water better, so it is more powerful than the FWD. We personally only use the original model during our diving and surfing adventures.

If you are a Hardcore Surfer or Long Distance Swimmer then you will benefit from the forward webbing. But again in all Honesty we only use the Original Darkfin. Each FWD is made to order so please allow a 5-6 manufacturing time delay.

OK here's the deal. I love these gloves but it's been a rocky road. The first several pairs blew out early. There's a design flaw. The webbing is on the back of the hand, which means the stress point is between the thumb and fore finger. So the gloves kept ripping at the seam. You would expect that since that is the weakest point in the construction. After noodling on the issue a while it dawned on me that what had to happen was that the stress points had to be protected. I tried several strategies but let's just say keep it simple stupid. I decided to wear the gloves on opposite hands so the webbing is now on the palm side. It takes a little getting used to because the gloves are engineered to be worn on like a glove. Fortunately the material stretches over time and forms to the hand well.