cruising motor yacht / expedition / flybridge / steel
B 65



  • Intended use:


  • Style:


  • Deck layout:


  • Material:


  • Hull type:

    displacement hull

  • Length:

    19.78 m (64'10")


Bering 65 is an exceptional long range trawler. Measuring 19.30 m in length, the steel motor-yacht is suitable for cruising, touring, family recreation and business meetings. This heavy displacement motor yacht, whose hull form is derived from the proven ocean going commercial trawler, excels in the areas that matter the most: a sea-kindly motion in heavy weather, reliability and ultimate seaworthiness of design.

The steel hull provides total invulnerability in water, allowing wintering and remaining in good shape for decades. The displacement outline provides for excellent performance even under severe weather conditions. The low center of gravity combined with the sheer mass of the vessel reduces the roll moment, minimizing pitching and pounding that so many find unpleasant.

With tanks holding over 4,500 gallons of fuel, there is no port out of your reach. Travelling at efficient passage making speeds of around 8 knots your range is in excess of 5,000 nautical miles. Likewise, 400 gallons of fresh water capacity ensure a high quality life, allowing extended hot water showers without reservations.

Explore the world with Bering 65, an ideal highly reliable, comfortable, worry-free and safe steel ocean going yacht.