dock gangway / wooden / steel

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dock gangway / wooden / steel dock gangway / wooden / steel


  • Application domain:

    for docks

  • Other characteristics:

    wooden, steel

  • Length:

    Max.: 12 m (39'04")

    Min.: 2 m (6'06")


Bellamer makes a variety of access bridges (or gangways) and stairways for entrance onto the mooringplatform and from pontoon to pontoon. They are made from high-grade aluminium or steel profileand with wooden frames. The length and construction of the access bridge or stairway depends onvarious factors and can be made to suit.A highly durable hinging mechanism on the shore side of the access ramp is built with a large angle offree run that allows it to adjust to substantial differentials in water level.Access bridges and stairways can be equipped with side handrails in a selection of materials.In the case an access bridge is installed on a natural or rough shore, Bellamer offers an element of quaywall made of reinforced concrete to make for a safe and secure attachment point.