outboard bass boat / dual-console / sport-fishing



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  • Deck layout:


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  • Length:

    6.2 m (20'04")


The Cougar FTD model began a wave for Bass Cat after the 911 era, as a crushing blow decimated many competitors. The wave started with the Full Team Deck (FTD) model that continues on its third version. It shares the proven 20'4" hull that has also been developed over time. The front deck on this latest design also had a couple of inches added to the beam for the perfect platform to pitch and cast from, with plenty of room for rods on each outward side.

This was the first of the triangle live wells and in 2011 received the latest styling trend and some neat tweaks. The console is clean and comes with either cafe or large windscreens. It will accommodate the 1198 Humminbird or the HDS 12 Touch units. This newest model has gel-finished interior compartments in the center with an integrated net slot for optional net storage. Next to the front storage box is an individual day box to place all of your days tackle. It keeps you from digging or wasting time to find those three go to lures on tournament day. Rod storages are on both sides and hold those 8' models many will not. And you won't have to move your rods to access your tackle as the center storage is a proven tournament layout. In the 2015 Cougar you have twin fuel tanks aft as does the Puma FTD. There twin rear storages and dual coolers in the deck step and under seat, where you also have under seat storage.