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Sailman 3500

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mainsail batten car mainsail batten car - Sailman 3500


Sailman 3500 slides are designed to run inside the mast groove and unlike Sailman 3000 and 4000 slides, do not bear on the aft face of the mast. This allows them to run past feeding gates and to slide in very narrow grooves on composite wing masts.

To prevent wear on composite spars the slides have no exposed metal parts
The smallest slug version has a waist of just 3.4mm, allowing it to fit the narrowest of grooves
Glass reinforced and PTFE impregnated construction
Fully articulating solid stainless steel joint allows 'lay flat' rotation of battens when the sail is stowed or reefed
M10 thread allows connection to Series 25, Series 35, Series 55 batten boxes

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