power boat connector / fuel tank



  • Application domain:

    for power boats

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    fuel tank


The Universal Sprayless Connector is a safe way to eliminate the spraying of fuel when connecting and disconnecting pressurized fuel hoses during fueling or maintenance. It also comes with a pre-applied fuel grade thread sealant for added convenience. Includes male and female connectors for use with all standard marine fuel tanks – ¼” in (6.4mm) NPT fittings.

Attwood Universal Sprayless Connector replaces traditional tank fittings and eliminates spray when connecting or disconnecting fuel fittings. 8838US6 set includes both Male Tank and Female Hose Connectors

High strength body engineered to withstand abuse in harsh marine environment.
Female hose fitting compatible with 3/8" and 5/16" fuel lines.
Male tank fitting compatible with standard 1/4" NPT fuel tank output.
Male and Female connectors Include check valves that automatically close upon disconnecting.
High fuel flow fitting (less than .25kpa restriction at 50 liters/hour)
Recessed check valves prevent spray when accidentally bumped.
Connectors designed to automatically seal if accidentally ripped apart.
Compatible with Ethanol blended fuels
All Attwood portable fuel components are designed to exceed OEM engine fuel flow requirements.
Compatible with all OEM brand engines (1hp - 350hp)
2 Year Warranty
Meets all EPA and CARB requirements

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