boat through-hull fitting
6755XG1 series



Stainless Steel Narrow Flange Thru-Hulls

Consistent exterior appearance throughout a range of barb sizes
Modern Styling
Enhanced 316 stainless steel, guaranteed from life

Extreme Corrosion Resistance
As with all Attwoods stainless steel products, these new fittings are cast from our proprietary stainless steel alloy. An enhanced version of 316 stainless, our stainless steel has proven to provide even greater corrosion resistance than competitions standard #316 stainless. To express our confidence, Attwood Stainless Steel Thru-Hull fittings are Guaranteed for Life!

Gasket for Caulk Free Sealing
For a durable, maintenance free sealing alternative, all our fittings come equipped with an optional silicone gasket. Customized specifically for each thru-hull flange design, our gaskets take the hassle out of assembly by eliminating the need for marine sealants and caulks.