boat pump / bilge / water / electric
Sahara S500



  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Applications:


  • Fluid:


  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, submersible

  • Flow rate:

    500 us gal/h (1,892.71 l/h)


An automatic-switch bilge pump is a requirement for any vessels 20 and over with sleeping accommodations, but is a great convenience for any size boat. The Sahara has everything contained in one compact yet durable package pump, wire, seals, strainer, and mercury-free switch and installs quickly and easily in tight spaces. Pumps include 36 lengths of 16-gauge caulked and tinned copper wire.

S500 has plenty of pumping power most jobs. 500 GPH* at open flow, 350 GPH* at 3.3 head. Draws only 1.5-amps at open flow!

*Listed GPH is measured at design voltage of 13.6 VDC