boat mooring light / incandescent / white / tiltable pole-mounted



  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Light source:


  • Color:


  • Mounting:

    tiltable pole-mounted


Three-mile, 360° light visibility for use on boats up to 65.6 ft. (20 meters)

Big cam-lock handle is easy to grasp. Once locked, stays locked in normal conditions. Can not vibrate loose.
In extreme conditions, if a 12ft./lb. force hits the base, the cam-lock releases and allows base to swing down. This new feature reduces chance of breakage to base or pole.
All wiring is concealed and protected within the pivoting base.
The rail-mount adapter is an easy way to fit cam-lock bases to square rails and pontoon boats.
Materials are non-corrosive, including bases of glass-filled polymer and poles of highly anodized aluminum.
Typical installation requires two # 10 Stainless Steel screws of length suitable for deck or rail material
If you need additional information on the requirements for your boat's navigation lights, please use this overview of navigation light rules.