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sport trimaran sport trimaran - 16.5


Astus 16.5 will be shown at the Paris Boat Show next December and at the 2016 Düsseldorf Boat Show.
With the Astus 16.5, Astusboats enters a new era. Working with the architectural firm, VPLP (which specializes in multihulls) promises to produce a high-performance, efficient boat..

True to the Astus, concept, the 16.5 offers :
 Standardization of the product to ensure continuity throughout the life of the model and the boat. The concept is preserved in its entirety: easy handling, portability, performance.
 Telescopic floats which make transport possible without any dismantling. Once the floats are retracted, Astus 16.5 meets the all road gauge requirements.
 Applying the thoroughly tried and tested Astus concept, this new improved model has a more modern shape and a sportier line, with harmonious curves and narrow water entry.
 Simplified and standard maintenance of the polyester in either contact or infusion structures.
 A sabre board allowing ease of use.
 Limited weight for dinghy-style use.
 An outboard motor can be mounted for coastal trips.
 Large storage locker.
 Club or sports version from 14 900€.