outboard inflatable boat / twin-engine / rigid / center console
4WD Craft 9.8



  • Motor type:


  • Number of engines:


  • Hull type:


  • Deck layout:

    center console

  • Deck features:

    with T-top

  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    9.73 m (31'11")


The ASIS Amphibious Boat 9.8m is the biggest amphibious RIB ever built. Its large size offers a great platform for full customization and design layout. It can carry a big number of passengers and has a large storage area.

This Amphibious boat is perfect for family fun days with enough space to store, skis, paddle boards and inflatable toys. It is also a great craft for diving and fishing.

Advantages of the ASIS Amphibious boat:

1 person operation
Immediate steering and parking next to your beach house
Accessibility to the shallowest waters.
Straight driving onto any beach.
Access to areas of high tidal range

The Amphibious system available on the ASIS 9.8m RIB consists of motorized, retractable and steerable wheels, powering the boat with off-water capabilities. The entire system is marinized and stays completely out of the water while underway. This means there is no compromise to on-water performance.

Once fitted with the Amphibious technology, any ASIS RHIB will be able to travel directly between land and sea by the use of four retractable wheels with a hydraulic system linked to an inboard motor. Reaching speeds of 63 mph, the ASIS Amphibious 9.8m can be powered by twin 350 Hp engine making it our fastest amphibious craft yet. On land, it can travel to up to 10km/hr.