utility boat professional boat / outboard / inflatable boat
Inflatable Boat 3.5



  • Type:

    utility boat

  • Motor type:


  • Other characteristics:

    inflatable boat

  • Length:

    3.2 m (10'05")

  • Passenger capacity:

    Max.: 5 unit


The ASIS Heavy Duty Fully Inflatable Boat range is designed purposely for the most rigorous professional use. Manufactured with heavy Duty Hypalon 1670 DTex, the ASIS Fully Inflatables are built robust and are tested to survive and endure all types of unforgiving conditions from extreme humidity and salt content to severe sun exposure. Moreover, they are impermeable to all types of chemicals and fuel.

Very resourceful, extremely maneuverable, safe and stable the ASIS Heavy Duty Fully Inflatable boat range was designed to carry out a number of different tasks in all kinds of environments. They are suitable to serve as Work boats, Survey Boats, & Rescue boats to list a few applications.

The flooring consists of removable Aluminum Floor Board, making the Fully Inflatable suitable for carrying heavy loads without compromising on the performance.

Foldable and compact, the ASIS Heavy Duty Fully Inflatables are light and easy to assemble/ disassemble for storage if required.

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