sailboat cylinder / hydraulic / electric / custom



  • Application domain:

    for sailboats

  • Type:

    hydraulic, electric

  • Other characteristics:



Tackle system operated by a push-pull hydraulic cylinder. It was designed mainly for the control of sheets (main and genoa), but it may be used for other running rigging (runners) as well. The device is made by a 4:1 tackle, thus allowing to stow a quantity of line that is four times longer than the cylinder stroke. The anchoring method is simple and fast: two pins, one holding the load, the other one supporting the system, are fastened onto the two terminals of the self-holding structure.

This spares both boom-maker and boat yard the construction of a complex structure. BPC-TRIM may be housed either inside the boom or in a dedicated technical compartment. The system is controlled by an electric hydraulic power-pack to be customized. All BPC-TRIM cylinders are also available in the "flat" version.