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rigid kayak / touring / solo / polyethylene
TRAPER Aquarius



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A universal single tourist kayak. Excellent for rivers and lakes. Very comfortable with standard equipment consisting of an anatomically profiled seat covered with elastic foam.

The kayak is characterised by very good nautical properties. It is manoeuvrable and fast. A classic flat bottom has been used, assuring high lateral stability and easy entering and safe slipping off barriers. Two inner keels running through the kayak’s whole length additionally improve very good course keeping in this kayak..
Aquarius Traper is a very popular tourist kayak in rental shops.
SPACIOUS COCKPIT: Assures a safe and fast evacuation from the kayak. It makes it easier for a kayaker to hide in the interior while going under a bridge or a fallen tree.
BOW PROFILE AND FLAT BOTTOM: The kayak enters well and safely slips off barriers on the way.
HULL OF A HARD POLYETHYLENE: Very resistant to mechanical damage, suitable for rocky rivers and barrier