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sit-on-top kayak / inflatable / paddle-board / two-seater



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From the AM with a 20-year history in paddle sports, comes a product that represents the future. The EVOLUTION is a totallyfresh and uniquely fun experience that brings SUP and kayak paddling fun together unlike any other. Designed for doublekayak, the EVOLUTION has a neat flat bow, great stability,multi-layer material and air chambers, providing maximumdurability. Thecockpit can be transferred to a SUP allows paddler to stand up and glide overthe water checking out the scenery.Key Features Stable and Powerful: Tomahawk and Evolution is ideal for family outings. Features a high pressure Drop-Stitch PVC hull structure and high pressure keel. Comfortable: High support drop-stitch airseats, adjustable design offers comfort for hours of paddling. 2-in-1 two person kayak and stand-up paddle board design Drop-stitch PVC kayak deck alone as a individual SUP High back drop-stitch air seats