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Iridium Extreme (9575)



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Iridium Extreme (9575) satellite phone is built with the same reliable voice and data capability that users have come to trust from Iridium.
Iridium Extreme satellite phone is engineered with more features than ever before and more accessories than any other satellite telephone on the market, providing people with even more ways to connect.
GPS-enabled location-based services
Online tracking
Customised solutions enabled for diverse markets
Accessories to create instant Wi-Fi hotspots
Certified S.E.N.D. by Search and Rescue Regulating Body (RTCM)
Reliable two-way global coverage
Toughest military-grade designed satellite handset ever built
Through certified online portals, Iridium Extreme satellite phone offers an open development platform for custom location-based solutions providing real time tracking to increase business efficiencies, improve military and emergency response, track critical assets or simply keep family and friends up-to-date.
Access users through on-demand tracking
Monitor employees en route through position updates and geo-fencing
Use scheduled check-ins to instruct daily missions
Let family/friends track your location online via social network updates
Ensure safety of remote personnel
Disable tracking on demand for stealth operations
Using Google Maps, Iridium Extreme even allows you to send an SMS text message with your exact location co-ordinates to anyone, from anywhere on the surface of the planet