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Inmarsat IsatPhone 2



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Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 is a tough phone for a tough world. The robust handset has been designed to work in any condition, from searing heat to icy blasts; desert sandstorms or monsoon rain.

With fast network registration, an unrivalled battery life offering 8 hours of talk time and up to 160 hours of standby time, you know you can always depend on the IsatPhone 2.

The main features of this exciting new handset are:
Satellite Telephony
Text and email messaging (text to text, text to email, web message to IsatPhone)
Longest battery life in industry (talk time 8 hours, standby time upto 160 hours)
GPS location data – view position and text
Tracking Button
Bluetooth for hands-free use
Incoming call alerts with antenna stowed
Assistance button (dedicated for emergency)
IK04 & IP65
Transflective display with Gorilla glass
IsatPhone 2 gives you the excellent voice clarity and call stability you have come to expect from Inmarsat’s network.