power distribution unit
DC PDU CF10A-8 Combiner

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power distribution unit power distribution unit - DC PDU CF10A-8 Combiner


Product Overview:
DC Combiner is a type DC power distribution protection device for power system that is suitable for indoor/outdoor applications for the collection as well as allocation of electricity current. The power distribution protection device is flexible in selection and it can be combined freely so as to fulfill different customer demands.DC Combiner is made of aluminum alloy structural casing, and it is featured by a concise & easy appearance, compact structure and waterproof design that make it suitable for various applications in the industrial sector, residential building, and the marine and some specific environments.

Application Areas:
It offers protection for the DC power distribution of yacht and marine power supply systems.

Product Features:
● Lightweight and small size;
● Solid, reliable & durable aluminum alloy structure;
● Waterproof & dustproof design, suitable for indoor/outdoor applications.