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ship hinge / concealed / electric / for doors

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ship hinge ship hinge - e-hinge


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Type:

    concealed, electric

  • Applications:

    for doors

  • Material:

    stainless steel


Antti Marine introduces e-hinge – the invisible ethernet cable system at sea

Antti Marine, a major producer of marine doors, has invented a new solution for online door cabling. The innovation is an ethernet-equipped hinge, dubbed “Antti e-hinge.” E-hinge is part of the same system of service-free and adjustable hinges introduced by Antti in 2011 – but offers a different choice for online cabling. According to the company, reasons to switch include ease of installation, safety, and its low profile compared to previous options.

E-hinge is the optimal ethernet cable solution. For ship owners and builders, e-hinge is the safest and easiest way to get all the features of their existing online system, without the lead cover. It’s a completely hasslefree and invisible system and doesn’t carry the same risk of damage as the exposed systems have now.

E-hinge is identical to a standard door hinge but comes equipped with online access and data transfer. E-hinge simply takes the place of one or more hinges on a standard door – that is, it’s completely invisible and a cinch to install.

E-hinge has validations for mechanical durability, electrical connectivity and data transfer capability.

E-hinge is a connected hinge as simple to install as a regular one. For builders and maintenance, it’s a return to the old days of offline systems, because the procedure with e-hinge is no different. Doors can be built, installed, or removed with no extra considerations – e-hinge is a service-free system, and even the height of the hinge can be adjusted.

E-hinge is now available worldwide, only from Antti Marine.