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navigation light bracket

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navigation light bracket navigation light bracket


The Aluna Light Pole ™ technology is a patented light conduit technology that replaces electrical contacts with light coupling. There are no electrical contacts to corrode and the removable light pole contains no electrical components. The LED light source is encapsulated in the plug base and is waterproof. The Aluna Light Pole ™ is inserted into a socket just as in traditional navigation lights, except there are no electrical contacts. Light is projected into the Aluna Light Pole ™ and is emitted from the other end. Aluna Light Pole ™ technology sets a new standard of reliability in detachable navigation lights.

Corrosion free light coupling vs corrosion prone electrical contacts
Aluna Light Pole ™ removable section is completely passive - no electrical components
Plug base features an encapsulated LED for long trouble free life.
Has similar mounting and footprint as traditional electrical contact removable navigation lights
Compatible with 12 and 24 volt electrical systems