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logistics transport boat / inboard



  • Type:

    logistics transport boat

  • Motor type:


  • Length:

    11.8 m (38'08")


High-speed supply boat for goods tLaunched few months ago by the Alu Marine shipyard, this supply boat has been developped to transport heavy goods between islands. It conforms to the French 222 division of the Affaires Maritimes.

A less than 12 meters fast, seaworthy and functional boat
A low draft for easy beaching (0.35/0.66 m)
A big load capacity (11 t)
A high-speed boat for quick and efficient rotations

Particularly functional with its spacious deck (1.5t / m²), it offers a load capacity of 11 tons.

Fully adapted to the needs of our professional client, the hull shape was developped to ensure both optimum stability, high load capacity and high speed.

The draft was deliberately minimized for easy beaching.

Light, this boat is over 30 knots. Fully loaded, it can reached 12-14 knots. This speed allows to minimize travel time and be very reactive.ransportation between islands