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monohull / cruising / aluminum / lifting keel
OVNI 445



  • Number of hulls:


  • Intended use:


  • Materials:


  • Appendages:

    lifting keel

  • Rigging:

    with bowsprit

  • Length:

    13.8 m (45'03")


On the large blue water sailing boat market for travelling, the OVNI 445 is the best expression of ALUBAT’s manufacturing quality quality manufacturing and ALUBATS prand the progress made inof naval architecture; more performance, more elegance and comfort, and always with 100% Aluminium centerboards that are 100% Aluminium...
With well proportionedwell-proportioned sails stiff to the wind, a high waterline length, the OVNI 445 designed by Marc Lombard boasts excellent performances even during the slightest breeze and provides excellent comfort in strong seas.
With its modern lines, the OVNI 455 has undeniable elegance. The light oak amenities and large windows highlight the large volumes of the boat. The OVNI 445 offers very large storage and technical space that are very accessible in able to facilitate maintenance.

Your OVNI 445 will adapt to all types of trips that you had imagined...