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dock gangway / with handrails

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dock gangway / with handrails dock gangway / with handrails


  • Application domain:

    for docks

  • Other characteristics:

    with handrails


In a leisure port the gangways allow access of people to the piers. They are built with a nonslip pavement and two lateral aluminum-made lattices used as a handrail.

Despite the use of this structures is well spread on leisure ports, they are also used in water-reservoirs, rivers and lakes as well as any other location that needs to offer more safeness to the pedestrians.

There are two types of gangways:

lifted: This system is used when piers are located far away from the port, that is why we place an additional gangway as a prolongation of the port.
articulated: This are the most used gangways. The gangway swings over the earth anchor and bows depending on the tide.