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aquaculture feeding system aquaculture feeding system - WATERBORNE
  • Aquaculture feeding system


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    for aquaculture


Up to triple the feeding capacity and gain huge savings in energy costs with Waterborne Feeding.

Waterborne Feeding is considerably gentler on both the pellets and the feeding pipe, and noise and micro-plastic discharge are reduced to an absolute minimum. You will also experience a significant drop in energy consumption by replacing air with water, and with pellet density no longer being an issue the capacity is more than doubled.

Waterborne feeding will not only save you money, but significantly reduce the environmental impact of the farm!
Approx. 70% reduced energy consumption represents a significant drop in CO2 emissions. With water being a much more gentle feed carrier, there will hardly be any wear of the pipes - meaning close to zero noise and micro-plastic discharge, and significantly prolonged lifetime for your feeding pipes. Water transportation does not impose the same requirements for antistatic feeding pipes, allowing you to switch to more affordable standard 90mm pipes. It is also possible to submerge the feeding pipes.

A cost- and energy-effective solution
• Major savings in energy costs
• Up to 300 % improved feeding capacity
• Hardly any wear of feeding pipes means prolonged lifetime and close to zero microplastic discharge
• Feed at desired depth and avoid the impact of wind and surface currents
• Offered as stand-alone system or combined with our Flexible Feeding concept, which allows you to distribute feed from any silo to any pen