telemetry interface for sensors

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telemetry interface for sensors telemetry interface for sensors


Stand-alone network for water quality and environmental data
AKVA group have developed a wireless communications network to send data between pens and barge.
All data can be viewed, recorded and logged within the AKVAconnect software package, allowing parameter thresholds to bet set and highlighted.

The Akvasmart Enviro Sensor Network is designed as a standalone system therefore does not require existing camera systems to function. However, when combined with Akvasmart camera system, it centralises your camera and sensor data in an easy-to-use software environment.


Akvasmart Environmental Sensor System is a stand-alone system
Stand-alone system - Does not require existing camera system
Scalable – from a single pen installation up to an entire farm pen setup
Multiple sensors connected to each box allows the system to grow
Ease of installation – no pen side configuration
Flexible – Range of sensors options available
Data export automatically to Excel format on server
Alarm condition displayed in AKVAconnect on communication loss with sensor. Will re-establish if fault condition removed
24-hours a day logging the system includes a battery backed server. Warning messages or alerts are sent in real time, not after the event
Separate UPS battery enclosure
When combined with AKVA supplied wireless link data

Product components

COMMUNICATION HUB – Main connection point for sensors, contains all electronics and internal communication radio that can support up to 3 probes. Either a mix of 3 x oxygen or salinity or 1 x multi
parameter sonde. Inside the case there are transmit, receive, and power indicators along with fuses for input and battery.