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nautical power supply nautical power supply


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PE cabinet with an interior stainless steel cabinet
The new power cabinet with integrated brackets for mounting on the pen railings consists of an outer case of PE material (polyethylene) and internal waterproof stainless steel cabinets.

The outer enclosure acts as a mechanical protection while also protecting the inner part. The inner cabinet is a stainless steel cabinet with a density of IP65 - which in combination with the outer enclosure makes it a durable and reliable power solution on the pen.

Choose the best fit for your needs
The power cabinet is supplied in two different versions where the power consumption on the pen is decisive for which model is best fit for purpose. Both models are supplied complete with documentation and prepared for CE marking. The documentation also contains a wiring diagram and short-circuit calculation. The cabinet must be approved and operated by a local electrician.

Power supply

Power supply cables for power cabinets must be adapted to the power consumption on each single pen as well as the number of pens that are supplied with the same cable from the barge. The cable used must be a 3-phase cable + N + earthing and a voltage of 400V AC.

It is important that one takes into account the voltage drop in the cable, maximum voltage drop 10%, ie 208V AC at normal phase voltage of 230V. Since the power consumption on each pen and the distances between pens/barge is not known, one can not recommend dimensions on the supply cable, but the terminal blocks in/out of the cabinets are dimensioned for maximum 16mm2 cable. All power outlets are protected by earthing fail switches with 30mA trigger current.