aquaculture feeder ship
AB 650/450



  • Type:

    feeder ship

  • Length:

    30 m (98'05")


The AB models are recognized by high feeding capacity, spacious working area on the main deck and big storage rooms.
Feeding capacity Hexa System - 6 to 8 silos, 75 tons each.
Big storage room under main deck, up to 100 m2.
Working area on main deck up to 80 m2.
Spacious engine room prepared for the advanced power management system.
Dimensioned to withstand up to 4m significant wave height (Hs).
Design & comfort are key interior features.
Great stability features.
Large crane capacity located on the mid barge.
Metallized above waterline to ensure high quality corrosion protection.
2 years paint warranty.
Integrated tank system with large capacity.