fish farming net cleaner / for aquaculture
fnc8 2.0



  • Breeding type:

    fish farming, for aquaculture


A powerful remote net cleaner - new and improved edition

The Flying Net Cleaner 8 (FNC8) has a cleaning efficiency that outperforms nearly every other option. It is built with standard ROV components that are easy to clean and disinfect. It also has several built-in auto features and advanced IP camera systems and sensors for complete monitoring during the entire cleaning process.

This ROV net cleaner is based on a patent pending principle that ensures that the rig is in balance regardless of whether it cleans horizontally, vertically or upside-down.

The cleaning rig is easy to operate via a handheld mobile console or from a control room. A new and intuitive positioning system helps you keep track of which parts of the pen that has been cleaned and automatically generate neccessary documentation for each job.