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fireboat / outboard / aluminum



  • Type:


  • Motor type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    Max.: 25 m (82'00")

    Min.: 7 m (22'11")


Patrol boat S-17 model AISTER RAL-850- ZSF
In AISTER we have delivered a new patrol boat for the GEAS (Special Group of Underwater Activities). This unit carries out surveillance missions, fight against irregular immigration and protection of jurisdictional waters, so they need fast boats that meet their needs and expectation.

The standard model of the patrol boat is equipped with cabin, 3 seats, a console for the engine controls and a button for electrical equipment, a chart table for nautical letters, a container for fire extinguishers in the cabin, a door to the sealed cabin, antipuncture collar on the sides and front with polyethylene core and polyurethane coating with great elastic capacity for shock absorption, conveniently fixed to the aluminum hull, handrails and welded aluminum handles, 4 cleats on both sides of the bulwark and a steel bollard located in the bow of the patrol boat.

Design and main characteristics

This aluminum patrol boat has an open cabin where are located the weelhouse and the navigation systems that allows to Spanish Civil Guard doing their work.

In addition, we include the application of surface finish paint that includes patent anti-incrustante in the living. The painting process is carried out according to a suitable scheme defined by the supplier of the paint and is inspected by a specialist technician of the paint manufacturer to guarantee the quality in the application of the same.